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Trading Software – Review 

There are many kinds of stock trading software available within the market that most stock brokers rely on to complete their daily work schedules. Many of these programs offer tools such as charting tools; criteria based search tools, watch lists, multi screen support, calculators, orders executions, back testing, customizable user’s interfaces, alerts historical data and many more features. I have endeavored to list below the top ten stock market trading software that is available at this time:

  1. eSignal
  2. 2.  Multicharts
  3. Ninja Trader
  4. Mad Scan
  5. Pro Real Time
  6. Acuity Workstation
  7. Neo Ticker
  8. Sierra Chart
  9. Tele Chart
  10. Button Trader

Each of these programs offers the trader a large array of services and features which make the day to day activities of the trader that little bit easier. eSignal is the highest rated according to the latest surveys with almost all broker houses and brokers using this innovative piece of software on a daily basis. It is considered by many as the ultimate in data streams and has quickly become the industry standard for trading software. Multi Charts came in second in the survey as it provides the trader with every tool they could possibly need from 3D charting to automatic trading feeds. Multi Charts easily blows Ninja Trader out of the water with its high tech interface and performance. There are currently two versions of Multi Charts available to their customers with one being for general individuals and the other focusing on the pros.

They also offer a lifetime license which is seen as very advantageous as many of these software providers only offer a maximum of a three year license requiring the trader to purchase another copy as the license expires. Third on our list is Ninja Trader, This software has been seen for long periods as the best you can buy and even now with technologies and software constantly changing they are still the favorite for many stock market professionals. The software has an easy to use interface which features applications such as charting, trading analysis and stock analysis. The last piece of software we are going to look at is Mad Scan. This excellent trading software does exactly as the name implies as it scans like a mad man by actively scanning stocks which is based on the criteria entered by the trader. The software can also filter out up to date trading news and of course sources at ease providing its users with some of the most up to date information available.

This concludes my examination of the top stock market trading programs that are currently available on the market and I hope I have been able to give you a basic insight into the workings of these complex trading programs.

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