Trade Law

Global Trade Law

Global trade law is the handling and usage of the appropriate rules and customs between countries wishing to trade with one another. This field of the law is now thought of as an independent study of governments as well as other members of the world trade organization. The term global trade law should be eliminated from the more practical term of international economic law as the latter can be said to circumvent the world trade organization and the law regarding the monetary system.

Students who participate in this course will gain an unequivocal knowledge of all global trade affairs and the legislation that pertains to it. Intellectual rights and copyright are another main factor of learning that the student will undertake at the commencement of the course. This postgraduate course is one year in duration for full time students and two year in duration for part time students making this a versatile but comprehensive course of learning. The student will be faced with various modules to cover during this period as well as written dissertations and exams. For more detailed information on Law Courses we recommend reviewing as many Law School websites as possible, in order to gain a broader insight into the types of courses.

The modules that will be covered in this versatile course are International Trade Law, International Economic Law, Comparative law, Business English, EU Institutionalized Law and Policy, European Integration, Legal Obligations in Business, International and European Environmental Law, Public International Law, EC Economic Law, International Contract Law, Contract Negotiating and Drafting, European Human Rights Law, EC Competition Law, EU Social Law and Business English.

As you can see there are a wide range of topical subjects that are covered comprehensively by this course offering the student the very best way to enhance their knowledge within this field. The program itself aims to show students the fundamental aims regarding inter-disciplinary approaches to private and of course public aspects of the relevant law in an attempt to fill the needs of professionals who wish to pursue a career which is associated with international or European trade agreements. There are a variety of LLM Courses that also offer a broad sprectrum of law based knowledge in the Legal Sector.

The main benefit for those studying the global trade program is that they will benefit from developing their knowledge and understanding of all the relevant trade laws to a professional and competent degree. The course itself will require students to complete a variety of course work based on each module topic as well as providing a ten thousand word dissertation prior to their final exams.

Additional areas of interest: Public Procurement Law

The scores from the various course work and dissertations shall be tallied together with the scores from the final exams giving the student either a pass or fail mark. On completion of the course there will be countless job opportunities for the successful candidate with work being available in any of the following fields. Some of the positions that might become available to you are Solicitor, International Marketing Manager, Export Compliance officer, Arbitration Administrator, Economic Development Officer or International Trade Analyst.