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The news has been and always will be a huge part of people’s lives as many of us like to know what’s going on around us and the world so having this information is what we all require. Like with many things there are now thousands of news based applications for mobile smart phones available and some of these are better than others so we at would like to give you the very best information. We have decided to list a few of the most popular and useful News Apps that we could find.

There are thousands of news applications available in iTunes and Google Play, such as the Football 24-7 Sports News App as well as The Guardian Mobile app.

The first Iphone News App that caught our eye due to its huge array of features is the Sky News App which is by far the best for all the latest news and happenings around the world. This great app offers many extensive features which are all aimed to keep you in the know by bringing you only the most accurate and useable news information possible. The user will be able to access a wealth of information using this app such as political news, UK news, World news and business news as well as all the latest happenings from the sporting world. The mobile news app provides extensive reports and content regarding all the hottest topics of the day and you can use the unique search facility to search your local area for all your local news. You will also find that the app has a consistent and frequent bulletins section so you are always kept up to date with the news as it happens and this is why we feel this app should top our chart of the best available.

The next app which we have found to be completely remarkable is the Pulse News Mobile App which if we are totally honest absolutely astounded us by how good the app actually is after many hours of reviewing. The mobile app allows users to access a wealth of RSS feeds and other new sources as well as all the conventional new channels all from your Iphone. You can catch up with all the latest sporting and domestic news at the touch of a button and when you do you will find that each report is covered in a concise and highly detailed manner. The apps layout is again very good to say the least and is very easy to use and can be used by all levels of user. There are of course other fun related interesting mobile apps to enjoy that can be experienced free of charge.

The third app we just had to include in this review of the very best is the Guardian News Iphone App  which again offers a very slick and easy to use app for all the latest news and events from across the world. The app provides all the latest business, domestic and sporting news which is delivered straight to your smart phone with the click of a button. The app also uses hardly any processing power so you will be able to leave it running in the background whilst completing any other tasks you may wish to do.

Finally the mobile app that finishes off our list is the Google Currents Mobile App which again is one of the best news based apps you will ever find. The app literally turns your phone into a mobile magazine carrier as it allows you to view and search for not only basic news events but also all the celebrity or sporting news you may wish to hear about. The Iphone app is very well made and easily downloadable in seconds and can be sued by all levels of user. This is due to its very simplistic layout which collects all the news features into manageable groups for ease of use so it can be much less confusing than other mobile apps of this type.

The above apps have been extensively reviewed by our team and we hope that you find them as helpful and informative as we have during this period.

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