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The Team at Junior Stocks have used an array of methods to learn currency and forex Trading. In addition to Forex Trading, we often review how to trade stocks and shares in companies all over the World. In dealing in shares, a foundation knowledge in understanding how profitable an Organisation and a Company actually is. In order to do this we review the Profit and Loss accounts as well as understanding What dividends show about a company.

Dividends are a vital part in the make up of shares in the United Kingdom, expert analysts view this data and use it to conclude whether the company in question has a healthy financial status. The most important figure that is used is the companies dividend yield which requires every dividend to be totaled up. A good number of firms payout dividends on a twice a year basis and these payments vary in value. If a company has a seasonal product such as Christmas items then the payment structure could be that the investor receives an initial payment early in the year and then a much larger payment at the end of the year. The reason this happens is due to the cash flow in one period outweighs the cash flow in another.

To work out the dividend yield we need to work out what is the percentage of the sum. The way to do this is to divide the share price in pence and the same with the dividend price and then multiply the two by one hundred. If we say the share price at the present time is fifty pence giving a one pence dividend then that would be a two pence dividend yield. Another example is if you have a share price of one hundred pence with a dividend payment of ten pence than you would end up with a ten percent dividend yield. Dividend yields and dividends are always based on the past performance of the company so in most cases do not give a useable forecast for the future. For example if the dividend yield for a given business is falling then you might look at the company as attractive for the future. Dividend cuts could always be an option during this period but is rarely the case.

Currency trading is often a preferred Investment area, as this can be tuned in such a way that the Forex Investments return a good level of return and proft, some areas are easier that others. We always recommend Stock Market Trading methods are used in order to fully understand all of the areas of trading.

If we look at the price to earnings ratio then we can see that this will rise as share prices do, unfortunately though this is not the same case for share prices as when they climb the dividend ratio falls. Dividends like almost all other aspects of the investment world should be looked at with comparison work as no ultimate level exists. A lot of companies who paid a ten percent dividend yield in the inflation dogged nineteen seventies and eighties saw their dividend yield drop to two percent by the time we hit the nineteen nineties. There are two dividend yield figures that should be marked as important.

There are numerous courses designed at teaching the basics of both Forex Trading as well as Stock Market Trading, locating good courses are often difficult.

You should always use the current rate of that day to analyze the stock you hold. If the current price of a share was valued at three hundred pence and the dividend yield was ten percent as usual then you would be in possession of a thirty percent yield on the cash you invested if you purchased the shares at one hundred pence. When we look at dividends and their benchmarks there are certain areas to notice. Firstly look at the average yield on the financial times stock exchange index to see if your share shows up as having a higher or lower number. If your figure is high then this shows you that the stock market does not think your share has much potential of growth in the given market, you can find all of these detail within various media sources. Also look at the sector average, this is where you should compare other companies within your given market to your own to see if you are competing well against your competitors. The final item you should look at is the yield on the UK government stocks and gilts basket.

This great service gives you an insight into how much return you could receive by investing in the safest UK investments. When the dividend yield is considerably lower than that of the gilts then this only leaves you with the hope for future growth. If there is no future growth then there would be no point in continuing to take the needed risk of equity purchasing, this is called equity risk premium. In general shares yield much less than gilts as they have future growth possibilities as gilts will never be worth more than what they say on the tin. Whatever the reverse yield gap the more your orientated stock will be worth, keep an eye out for shares which feature a higher yield than gilts as these should be considered as suspect. Other Resources of Interest: Traders News