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We have over the past three months been searching for Business Offices in the UK, to expand our current business locations around Europe.

With any type of Business Offices Search, we found a large variety of companies who could assist our management team in locating the most suitable business premises. However we also found┬áthat many of these companies didn’t actually come through with the required specifications of the Business Offices that we needed. For example we specified the area, the square footage required, as well as the level of broadband internet we required, most specifically Fibre Optic. The details we did receive did not match our basic requirements, and we were constantly phoning the companies back, outlining the exact requirements over and over again. We also found a very useful resource for locating a good Fibre Optic broad supplier, the website in question has a Fibre Optic Search function, which is very easy to use.

After eight weeks of being offered business premises that didn’t fit our requirements we decided to contact a company in Manchester called The Office Providers, who were quite simply brilliant. From the moment our team members┬áspecified our requirements, we were being offered premises that we had not even heard of before, that matched exactly, the specifications that we outlined to them.

We required serviced offices in the heart of London, this was a flexible option on location, however was by far our preferred option. The Office Providers Ltd were very professional and very easy to work with, a first class organisation that really caters for a typical businesses requirements. They also have a website, that offers a searchable function dedicated for Locating great Serviced Offices – We really do highly recommend them to any one who is looking to either relocate or expand there business enterprise.

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